Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! currently we're in private testing of the API and will be available for public soon drop us a message at [email protected] for more info
Click Submit Video button at the top, register if you didn't already, you'll find options to upload video from a URL or from your PC
Kyro is a deep media search engine, meaning that it can search what is being said inside the audio, by typing keywords and get the time these keywords where said, and our web crawler service always adding new videos to our database
Sure this planned, if you want specific language drop us a message [email protected]
Since the quality is always in improvement some of the older videos used for testing had large number of false positives, we’re planning on updating the index of these videos but we currently focused on new video submissions and users videos
We understand. Rest assured it only gets better as these kind of services rely heavily on research, but we are sure it can still save you some time
Although we are up to standards for your data safety and privacy. We’ve an on-premises solutions coming soon, contact us for more details on your usage and pre-order at [email protected]
Type English words or sentences, you'll get a result as videos that contain the word typed, click on a video, you'll be directed to the video's page with results appear on the video as red indicators, click the indicator to go to the time the word is said

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